A moment in time, the result of an epic battle.


Why CheckmatesNFT?

The ultimate goal of a game of chess is to position your pieces in such a way that your pieces threaten the opponent's king with inescapabale capture. This NFT project captures the end-state of those chess patterns. The first collection consists of 11 classics: chess patterns that anyone who has played chess before will recognize. The NFTs capture that moment in time in which the opponent has no options but to surrender. Most professional chess players already give up at "Mate in N-turns" - patterns in which a number of moves of one player will inevitably cause checkmate. However, the winning player needs to play the right moves to obtain the situation of checkmate, hence this genesis collection of Checkmate NFTs only contains true "Checkmate in 1" patterns. What's your favorite? Anastasia, Anderssen, Arabian, Epaulette, Goldenpawn, Hook, Killbox, Monoril, Sacrifice, Scholars or Vukovic?


In 2022, more patterns will be launched.

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